Do you have a drawer full of unused makeup products reminding you of wasted purchases?

Remix old makeup into a color you prefer!

Let just B Cosmetics save you from all that guilt and give you some fresh new items to play with. We can take that Orange Lipstick and make it a Berry Shimmer, take that foundation that is too dark and Abracadabra! it transforms into a beautiful Bronzer.

“I went to just B Cosmetics after a friend recommended it to me. I had an array of lipsticks, powder and blush that I just didn’t like. Brenda quickly told me that they were the wrong color for me! Instead of tossing my products she converted them for me. The powder now works for my skin and my lipstick is such a beautiful color. In addition to a useable lipstick, Brenda made part of my old too dark lipstick into a gloss for me too.

I left with my reformulated products, and a few new goodies. I could go on and on. I will always client of just B Cosmetics!” – Cathee Folk, Carmichael, Ca

Send us your off cast makeup after filling out the order form below and we can assess your makeup items to make sure they can be resuscitated. If they have gone over to the dark side (spoiled) they will be compassionately dealt with. Otherwise we will remix your old makeup – create them into a new color customized just for you.

The general fee for each re-creation is $3.00 per jar or gloss item and $5.00 for Lipstick re-pours. The shipping fee for 1 to 3 items is $4.95 and $7.95 for 3 items or more. All items must be sent securely by US mail. No hazardous makeup please!

Lipstick, Pressed or Loose Powder Foundation, Blush, Eye Colors or Bronzers, and yes, Liquid Foundation can also be re-formulated!

“Brenda took my Bright Pink powder blush (that I didn’t like) and she made it into a Soft Coral cream blush formula (that I love).
Too much fun!” – Kathy Baker, Fremont, CA

Please contact us with your request below and tell us how you would like to remix your old makeup.

Mail your products to:

just B Cosmetics
11239 Sunset Hills Ct
Auburn, CA 95602

Once your order is received, we will contact you by email as to what can be done with your products. If you agree, we will send you a PayPal link to cover your fee and get your new items to you within 2 weeks (or less). Sorry at this time we do not offer international shipping.

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