Sometimes we want to look fresh and natural. Other times we want to pull out all the stops and hit the town with dramatic eye makeup.

Defining the eyes is a sure-fire way to create a look that will help you stand out.

You do not need to be a professional makeup artist to pull off this look. The way to build your skill and confidence level is to start practicing. Do your trial eye makeup looks when you have time and defiantly NOT right before you are going out.

First you need to decide what dramatic eye makeup that you want. It is not only a dark smokey eye that creates a dramatic look, it can be a cat eye makeup or a fun set of dramatic lashes. Next what colors are you thinking about? Light eye shadow with some shimmer or deep and dark? So once you know what sort of eye you want and the depth of color, you are ready to practice.

Cat Eye Makeup

The cat eye is a dramatic eye makeup technique however it is appropriate for anytime and anywhere. The cat eye can be applied on nude clean eye look or with a deep dark eye shadow. What makes a cat eye a cat eye is the eyeliner and how it is applied.

The eyeliner is applied thin from the tear duct thickening as you pull it out to the end of the eye, finishing with a sweeping up tip at the end. You extend that flipped up tip beyond the eye (like a sharp tail of the cat).

Smokey Eye Makeup

Of all the dramatic eye makeup looks the Smokey eye is the most popular. Celebrities have fueled the fire in this category. Penelope Cruz in the pages of Vanity Fair stops you in your tracks! Her sultry Smokey doe eyes lined by thick cat like liner. Thick lush lashes, we want it. If you are going to practice Dramatic Eye looks follow these steps;

  • Begin by applying eye primer from the lashes to the brow line on your eyelids. Go easy on the primer; a little goes a long way, so just smooth it on gently.
  • The next step is to choose a neutral eye shadow color and apply this base color on your whole eyelid, all the way up to the brow.
  • Follow this with a medium shade of eye shadow, applying from the lashes to the crease of your eye, blending well as you go. Take care not to blend outside of the area of your eyes and use a back and forth sweeping motion to apply the eye shadow.
  • Now we’re going to move on to a third, darker eye shadow, preferably the darkest shade you have on hand. Apply this to the area of your eye crease, starting at the outside end of your eye and blending inward in the shape of a > until you’ve softened any hard lines left by the color of your eye shadow. Then use a detailer brush to sweep the same darker shadow under your lower lashes – do this very carefully.
  • Next, take a liner pencil or liquid eyeliner and line your lashes. You’ll probably want to use a waterproof eyeliner here if you want to give your smokey eye makeup a more dramatic look by lining the inside rim of your eyes. If you’re going for an exceptionally smokey look, then you can smudge your dark eye shadow carefully over the eyeliner.
  • You can now complement the look of your smokey eye makeup by using a light color of eye shadow on the corner of the tear areas of your eyes and just under the brow. If you’d like to add a little extra glamour to your look, then shimmer makes a good addition at this point.
  • Add the finishing touch to your new dramatic look by curling your lashes and putting on a double coat of mascara. You can play up this effect even further by using false eyelashes.

Have fun; sample a few different looks that you can work with when that special event comes up. Make this your most stylish year ever.

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