Do you know the dangers running loose in your hotel room?

Think Your Safe From Hotel Hazards?

I was home working in my studio a few days ago and decided to treat myself and tune in to the Doctors. The topic happened to be the most bacteria ridden items in a hotel room. Well I had seen an episode of  Dr Oz months earlier on this general subject and felt confident, I knew it was the remote. My husband and I had just recently traveled out-of-town. I came prepared with a large Ziploc bag that I promptly deposited the remote in. I loved feeling that in addition to folding down the bedspread I was so clever (and safe) from the remote. Well that little “treat” watching the Doctors sent me reeling. I had other clear and present bacteria dangers that I never considered…..

So here is the list of the dirty little secrets.

  1. Do not use your water glasses that are in the room unless YOU wash them in hot water. The glasses are not always washed or replaced by the cleaning staff.
  2. Do put your remote in a large Ziploc bag as that is one of the most touched items in the room. With the Ziploc you can see to operate it but no germies to come into contact with.
  3. The ice bucket is to be avoided. For one thing it is also not washed out but the worse bit of information (I will never be the same) many hotel guests that par take in the bubbly or just plain get sick ~ use the bucket!!! Some hotels offer a plastic liner …. Did mine?
  4. Sometimes the bed is not changed if it looks clean to the staff. We already know what is living on the spread but I was not concerned about the sheets.Yikes!  I am going to be ordering a beautiful new Silk Sleep Sack today. Or I may choose a Cotton Travel Sheet. Theses sheets actually cocoon you ~ so you do not come in contact with the hotel bedding.
  5. Buy a good supply of disinfectant wipes and carry them with you right into the hotel bathroom. The last tidbit of information shared was ~ the toilet brush is used from the toilet bowl to the counter and tub, everything Yuck!.

Now I have to say on my trip I used my disinfectant wipes on the plane to wipe down the pull down tray as I learned that people actually change baby diapers there. I wiped down the arm rest. The man sitting next to me appreciated it too. I carried my Ziploc for the remote ~ but these other threats were not on my radar. I will be a different traveler this summer season however. If you are thinking that this only happens in the B-List Hotels you’d be wrong.

Looks Perfect

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