What the World Needs Now

With the flood of new clients that walked through my door this last month due to my newspaper article on re-mixing cosmetics ….I have had a mind shift.

So many of the clients brought in heaping bags of unused items. Really unsure what to do with them, they looked to me. I thought okay, “What do you like or not like about this color etc”. To my surprise many had no idea.  My thought shifted from doing to teaching makeup.

We need help with the “how to” of makeup rather than a new shade or the latest product. So here are some simple tips to really “B” the best you can be in the makeup world.

  1. Do not purchase makeup in large sets. If you cannot use 90% of the items it is not a deal, it’s a steal (from you).
  2. Go to an expert for advice on your face shape, eyes and the makeup that would enhance it. That one step can save you hundreds of dollars (and for some of you thousands). You would not think of fixing your car or appliances without an expert and your face is no different. Feeling confident with your face forward looks,  can change how you feel and interact with the world ….really!
  3. Try it on. Sample a new lipstick or eye color before you purchase it. Let it settle on your face for a few minutes to see if it changes. If you are in a retail store take a walk outside to see it in natural light.
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