Makeup at the Oscars

Oscar Makeup

Okay we sit in front of the TV with our comfy robe and slippers maybe a glass of wine and judge the women at the Oscars. Actually we spend the next few weeks rehashing what was a thumb up and better what was a thumb down. What was it in the Celeb’s makeup that we loved this year? Hands down we feel in love again with the glam of Sandra Bullock’s retro look. The bright lips with the clean makeup was a look that we can see ourselves in for our special nights out. Celebrity Red Carpet hairstyles that took our breath away were that smooth wavy side parted glam of days gone by. In addition to Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet sported that look. Stunning!


The missed the mark looks for me… I hate to list Charlize Theron but sadly her “bull’s eye boobs” were distracting. I think she is beautiful and flawless and I do expect a lot of her, but this was a miss for me. I know its couture and was a great dress, wonderful color …granted , but pleeese!  We cannot concentrate.

My next miss was Jessica Parker. Her hair was not smooth, too big for her small body. The dress again couture, yum! Makes my case for who cares what it cost if it doesn’t work for your body …..Don’t wear it! Jessica needed to be 7 inches taller at least to wear it.

What do you think? Who was a hit and who was a miss for you? Leave your comments. We love to talk and re-hash this, just let me grab my slippers!

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