Shhh! …… The secret if you are lacking beauty sleep

Most of us do not get enough sleep – and I seriously need depuffing action and I need it now.

Okay since I’ve aged I have notice that I can go to bed and wake up years older. How can that be?  What’s a woman to do? First stop in my makeup bag will be concealer to camouflage at least 20 years of wear and tear under my eyes. One look in the mirror tells me I need a full on age intervention this morning. Soaking two tea bags in water then placing them over my eyes offers me the opportunity to take this ageing thing lying down. Five minutes (okay 10 minutes) later I have a small miracle. My skin appears smoother around my eyes.

Now on to my concealer. Side bar …… use a light hand when you apply concealer. Less is defiantly more in this case. Start in your tear area and smooth outward. Wipe off the brush (yes use a brush for this) and smooth the product down and out.

My one minute makeover is complete. You are right; it was technically my eleven minute makeover. What you need to take away from my recovery is that every gal’s got to have a concealer in her bag of tricks.

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