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Just B Cosmetics is your source for the finest in natural makeup which can help you to get that healthy, glowing skin every woman wants.

Just B Cosmetics honored with “Best Makeup in Sacramento” 2008 and 2009 takes great pride in offering you the finest products and services available. Kick off your shoes, relax and have a look through our site to find out why our foundation and other products are known as the best mineral makeup available anywhere.

Brenda Azevedo, just B Cosmetic’s founder, is a well-known makeup artist. Her custom blended natural cosmetics, along with just B Cosmetic’s renowned customer service has made this the brand the first choice of women everywhere when it comes to natural makeup. Her expertise in the field has given her a unique insight into what her customers are looking for and how to create cosmetics which suit the needs of different skin types perfectly.

Why Should You Choose just B Cosmetics?

There’s a good reason that our cosmetics are so popular — they’re made with pure, natural  ingredients of the highest quality, including minerals, green tea extract and other skin nourishing ingredients. It’s true: there really are cosmetics which are good for your skin!

Just B Cosmetic’s Mineral Foundation is often called the best mineral makeup on the market; but we’ll leave that to you, the customers to decide. Made with zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide, this foundation helps to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Struggling with acne? Our mineral foundation makeup helps to reduce and even prevent acne! The oil free, non-comedogenic formula of just B products means no more breakouts from your makeup.

Since the high quality mineral base used in these natural makeup products have natural anti-inflammatory properties, makes the mineral base anti-aging by nature. Another great way just B’s natural makeup takes care of your skin.

We also offer a range of cosmetics including eye shadow in many different colors, lip gloss, blush, lipstick, concealer and other high quality foundations which protect and nourish your skin as they help you look your beautiful best. With formulations and colors designed for every skin type and complexion, just B Cosmetics always has the best mineral makeup selection in the most ideal colors for you.

We Make Cosmetics Fun Again

The high quality of our natural makeup means that you can wear them all day without having to worry about any fading, smearing or creasing. One application is enough for the entire day; no more reapplying your makeup several times throughout the course of a day. At just B Cosmetics, we believe that looking beautiful should be fun, not a hassle; our products are even water resistant to keep you looking your best with ease.

Every woman is beautiful and every woman can bring her beauty into focus with our custom blended natural makeup. With our bismuth free mineral makeup and the highest quality blushes, eye shadows and other cosmetics made with every woman in mind, it’s no wonder that just B Cosmetics is the brand women from all walks of life trust to make them look their best. Plus, since it takes good care of their skin – it’s also highly preferred by cosmetologists, makeup artists and aestheticians.

Quality, service and a commitment to making every woman look and feel her best are what built just B Cosmetics into what it is today; and this dedication to each and every customer is the secret ingredient in every product we make.

Come See Us…

Just B Cosmetics is located in Sacramento, California. If you’re in the area, call (916) 879-3006 for an appointment! We’d love to see you.

Come on in for a free custom foundation match or learn how to put on makeup for day, night and especially for those special events. We also hold local seminars and workshops on using your natural makeup to reveal your beauty, not covering it up. Check the events page for our current calendar [link coming soon].

Not local? Can’t decide what foundation shade you need? No problem, order our Makeup Powder Swatch Card or a Custom Liquid Foundation Sampler to try out for $4.95 or call Brenda to discuss your skin tone and the products you use today. She’ll help you select the ideal products to best match your skin, the looks you’d like to wear for day or night, and then ship your natural makeup out to you right away! PLUS Shipping is Free within the Continental US.

Enjoy the rest of our site. You’ll find tips and techniques such as Creating the Dramatic Eye Makeup Look or How to Do Smokey Eyes, “The Proper Way to Clean Brushes” (coming soon) and other tips on choosing the best mineral makeup to give you the perfect look for any and every occasion.

Ready to make a purchase or want to re-order, visit the just B natural makeup products page. Questions? Please feel free to call or contact us via email today!

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